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Jesus on the Move 

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus is a Savior of movement and action.  There’s no time for flowery discussion about Jesus’ birth or family history, but He shows up on the scene ready to jump in to ministry; and jump He does.  Jesus bounds from place to place.  He’s healing, He’s preaching, He’s feeding the masses, calming the storms, challenging the religious leaders and performing miracles.  He’s Jesus on the move.

Like in the Gospel of Mark, Jesus often heals, speaks, challenges us, and calms the storms in our life today—and He’s often misunderstood. This series challenges us to see, like the writer of Mark saw, that Jesus is on the move today. It will challenge us to see how Jesus is alive and active in our world, and to not miss out on what He might be trying to do in our own lives.

6/07/15 -The Opening Act
                John Prepares the Way and Jesus is Baptized 
                Mark 1:1-11 | Sermon 

6/14/15 - The Power of Touch
               Mark 1:40-45 | Sermon

​7/12/15 - Even the Wind and the Waves 
               Mark 4:35-41 | Sermon 

7/19/15 - Confronting the Demons
​                Mark 5:1-20 | Sermon 

7/26/15 - A Matter of the Heart 
               Mark 7:1-23 | Sermon

8/02/15 - Missing the Boat 
               Mark 8:14-26 | Sermon