4/10 - The Blessed Family 

          Scripture Sermon

4/17 - The Selfish Family: The Story of the Family of Saul 
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4/24 - The Reactive Family: The Story of David and His Children
           Scripture |  Sermon

5/01 - The Selfless Family: Ruth and Naomi's Story
           Scripture | Sermon

5/08 - The Picture Perfect Family
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Flawed Families of the Bible *

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For most people, family is the most important, foundational unit of life. Friends come and go, we change churches here and there, but we walk with our family through our entire life. Christians often say that God designed the family, we talk about the importance of loving our families. Family often provides our greatest joys and warmest memories. 

Yet, family can also be the source of our deepest pains and our biggest scars. Often our family life is messy and chaotic. We have conflict and drama, relatives let us down. The reality of how our family actually is often falls far short of what we think it should be; because the truth is, no matter how great our family is, they are flawed.

If we look at the families of the Bible, they aren’t much better. It’s quite possible that we might find more examples in the Bible of what not to do in our families than what we should do! The families of the Bible had a great deal in common with us.  Like our families, they too had conflict; like our families, they too struggled, they had grief, they had pain. Like our families, they too were flawed.

In this series, we will look at the stories of 5 families in the Bible. As we do, we’ll discover that the great families of faith were never families who were perfect or who had it all together. Like our families they were weak, sinful, and struggling, yet they found God’s grace at work through all their imperfections.

As the stories of these ancient families intersect with our stories, we might find God’s grace at work in our families today.

* The title of this sermon series comes from the title of a book written by Diana and David Garland