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Join us in in praying for our fellow Texans and first responders who have experienced Hurricane Harvey firsthand. South Central Texas is in need of financial help as well.  

We have provided two ways for you to give online that will help the residents: 

DBA (Denton Baptist Association) 
​Denton Baptist Association’s Disaster Relief Team has been called up to and put on stand-by to send units to South Texas. DBA has several units: Chainsaw Unit, Shower Unit, Box Unit, Mud-out Unit, and the Electronic Recharging Unit. The Shower Unit has been deployed to San Antonio. Most of the other units will be sent out when the floods recede. Volunteers staff each unit and funds are needed to help with expenses.  

>> CLICK HERE to give to DBA

TBM (Texas Baptist Men) 

​• TBM has deployed Shower/Laundry units in support of shelters in LaGrange, San Antonio, and Robstown.
• TBM has deployed feeding units primarily in support of first responders at Robstown, Victoria, and Uvalde.
• TBM will deploy Asset Protection, Box Unit, Chainsaw Unit with Heavy Equipment to Victoria as soon as conditions allow.
• TBM will deploy a childcare unit in support of the Dallas shelter on Monday, August 27.
• Texas Baptist Men disaster relief has additional Feeding, Shower/Laundry, Temporary roof, Flood Recovery, Chainsaw, Assessors, Chaplains, Incident Command Team, Childcare, box units, asset protection, assessors and other resources on Alert and ready to deploy as the storm allows.
• Resources will be deployed as the storm allows.

​>> CLICK HERE to give to TBM