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Exploration is at the core of the human condition. We’re made to be curious, and we’re made to connect in some way with the creator of all this. We all have questions about who the creator is and how can we connect. We’ll ask these questions and more in our Explore God series coming this fall:

Sep. 13 |Does life have a purpose? - Sermon 
Sep. 20 | Is there a God? - Sermon
Sep. 27 | Why does God allow pain and suffering? - Sermon
Oct. 4 | Is Christianity too narrow? - Sermon
Oct. 11 | Is Jesus really God? - Sermon | Slides (pdf) 
Oct. 18 | Is the Bible reliable? - Sermon 
Oct. 25 | Can I know God personally? - Sermon

Nov. 4 |  So What? - Sermon

Sermon Series and Discussion Groups
Beginning Sunday, September 13, Pastor McCarroll will be leading us in sermons on Sunday mornings at 10:45 am.  We will also have several and Sunday morning discussion groups that will meet prior to morning worship at 9:30 am. Discussion groups are designed to create a safe environment where group members can seek credible answers to challenging spiritual questions. This is a great time to invite friends and neighbors who might be questioning the authenticity of God.

We hope you join us at Highland as we EXPLORE GOD together!