Est. 1891

The Highland College and Young Professional Class meets at 9:30 each Sunday morning. We have coffee, water, sodas and snack foods to enjoy while we take time to greet one another. 

We are a very diverse group made up of  younger college students, those pursuing higher degrees and some working full-time. We have an International flavor as we have students from America, China, Taiwan, Ghana, and Nigeria. The thing that defines our class is the fellowship and love we have for one another.

Tom Hudgens has been teaching this class for eight years. His wife, Carla, provides all the snacks. Teaching is Bible-based as some of our students are hearing lessons from the Bible for the first time. From time to time we have outings, usually involving food.

We welcome anyone in this age range to join us. You will enjoy the fellowship and grow in your understanding of the Bible.